Digest of Poems I Posted on Twitter on the Week of 07/22 – 07/27

Sunday 07/22

There’s one that you see in the mirror always
And then there’s one for the world
Then there’s that other one that hides
And hides
And hides
And hides
Under your skin, so familiar, but
You don’t completely know



Monday 07/23

Let me touch you, love
To gentle the beating of my mind
Let me see love
That not all I’ve laid my hands on
Are testaments of utter destruction



Tuesday 07/24

The air is heavy and robs me of breath
I swallow saliva and hear my wheezing gasps
My body moves freely but my mind in a vice



Wednesday 07/25

Might be we can learn from
The impermanence of ice
To hold a single moment
For very long

A reply to https://twitter.com/RealisticPoetry/status/1022271946619203591


Thursday 07/26

When was the last time
We stopped and asked
“We are our father’s sons”
Still be valid cause?



Friday 07/27

I admit
I got tired sometimes
And put aside my love
Now I wonder
If that really hadn’t done us
Any good



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