“A Tale from the Blue-flame Burned Wood”

A yellow creature snuck upon a spot
There, in the clearing of a forest rot
It edged its way around the blackened trees
Fearful not to step into the middle
With stiffened tail, nervous eyes and wide-open ears to hear
Any predator in a mile before it could reach near
But wait –
First it was the prickly smell of something sweet
That took hold its nose to the center
Curiosity led its eyes ahead
Where it found, in all its lonesome, a tiny morsel
More than a morsel – it was bread!
Without a thought the little creature dashed
To within an inch of its prize, and leapt –
Felt the crust of the bread –
And alas! promptly fell down a nasty hole covered
It learned too late as it plummeted to depths unknown
That the tempting piece of food was bait
Which concealed a trap that lay in sinister wait

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